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Terms and conditions

You have to acknowledge the terms and conditions as a legal requirement before using this platform. It is an agreement between the user and the company for the use of FairTok as a platform. No physical/digital signature is needed as the present document is kept as an electronic record.  

FairTOK platform is used for proprietary social entertainment platform for the company (the app or site may be available in any other format as well) with the name of FairTok. FairTok is a platform for social entertainment where material or content is made available to the public.  The content shared here may include homemade videos, news, and events, display information, distribution offers from content creators, or sharers. People can upload and share the content and use the platform to discover and explore information as well. This platform is non-confidential. Here you should stay careful for not sharing information, material, or content that is sensitive or should not be made public. The FairTok might be loaded on your device that can be any wearable device, tablet, or mobile. It can also be integrated with an app on your device and can be installed by another party as well or can be seen on a website.


Before subscribing to our platform you have to understand our terms and conditions that are as under:

General terms:

When you install or platform FairTok you have to agree with the terms and condition and if you disagree with any of them you can choose to unsubscribe. You can uninstall the app anytime you want. Also if you do not agree with some terms you will be given a chance to unsubscribe to some of the features. For that, you will have to click on the terms that you are not convertible with. All these terms and conditions are prioritized keeping in view your needs and to improve your experience at this platform.

First, you have to agree with the license and third party use of an application that you will download at the FairTo platform. The application or device may be preloaded or bundled as per the site’s terms. These terms have referenced from the privacy and security policy of FairTok and when you use this platform you will agree to these terms. Our affiliates refer to those entities that are directly or indirectly under the control of the company. Here, the control means, owning 50% or more voting interest of the entity under consideration.

You are eligible to use this platform only if you are above age 13 years and are capable of following obligations of the company regarding warranties, terms, admirations, and representations. You are also competent to abide by all the conditions. FairTok is not for children who are aged under 14 years.

The content and platform of FairTok are only to be used in the vicinity of India. Here, we make or services available. Materials form other countries, jurisdictions, and places do not comply with the privacy laws of FairTok. If you access the FirTok from a place that is from other places/territories then it will be deemed as an illegal demand. If you are accessing FairTok from other justifications you are responsible to abide by the rules and regulations of the place.

The terms and conditions depicted here apply to all the platforms of FairTok. The user and viewers of the material at the platform have to abide by these conditions. The content may include but is not limited to text, videos, news, software graphics, pictures, sounds, video, and audio communication chats and photos. The material can be interactive or non-interactive. Your contribution to chats and discussion board also involve the same conditions.


While using FairTok you have to acknowledge the Fair Tok is not responsible for the third party content and advising information that is being shared here. The company is not liable for any of the content that can be accessed at this platform at any time. The platform is also not responsible for the proprietary rights of the third party content and intellectual property rights. Chat conversation done by you is at your own risk. In this context:

You as a user have to make an independent judgment about the material you share or view. In addition to this, your judgment also involves direct interaction with the third-party application, landing page selection, or any other interaction at the third party whose content is being provided or who is sharing material at the platform. We at the FirTok are not liable for any kind of business deals and representations that you make with the third party. If you decide to take any such action this will be your responsibility. In addition to this, we also not involve ourselves in any kind of sponsor, promotion, and advertisement being done at the platform. If you decide to buy from any third party this will be your own decision. The same applied to applications on the landing pages and people with whom you interact.

The provision of any kind of resource, equipment, and information at the FairTOk platform at your part will be your responsibility. These might include software material, modem, computers, or any other kind of internet accessory that is needed to access the platform. You have to stay aware that mobile and internet transmission is not always 1000 percent secure even if they show to be properly encrypted. Materials and information may be affected by the interruption that happens at the part of the internet providing companies and FairTok can only make reasonable effort to make the service reach you uninterested way. In addition to this, any kind of information that you use at the platform can be accessed by others even in cases when the system and its transmission is encrypted at both ends.

Privacy of data and registration:

Registration is needed to use particular services at our platform, and for that, you need to do your provide your personal information. You have to make an account using a username and password, with this you can access our services. You are not allowed to use any other user’s account for the platform without informing us. Registration will be performed online that will ask you for some data. This data will include your age, phone number location, gender, and some other information, you have to keep us updated about the changed information or data. When you register at our platform it means you are agreeing that you are providing information with full accuracy. Being a responsible, person you must provide correct information to us while undergoing the registration. You have to keep your information current and change it if any alteration is done. The FirTok platform has all the rights to undertake the analysis of your provided information. Your registration information will be checked by us and we have all the rights to delete your account in case information is found to be false or incorrect. The account should maintain complete and current information for using the platform or otherwise, we can block or delete your account anytime.

In addition to the above, the FairTok platform also does not have any liability in the case when there is financial loss or damage to reputation occur because of the provision of false information. This is entirely the user’s responsibility to be fair and accurate. We have our security checks on a regular basis. We also keep you informed about your account and password usage if any other person tries to log in to your account it is your duty to inform our team if any kind of unauthorized login to your account takes place. All areas of the FairtTok might not be available for you as they are available for other users using the same platform. You have no right to interfere with anyone who is using this platform independently or enjoying its features or services that are not available to you. If you or any other person does any violation of the service’s security he will be subjected to criminal liability as per the local rules and regulations.

At some land, according to the law, some sort of information of the user might be considered under privacy data. To provide optimum experience to all our users we have to make sure the access to the data and also certain other information of the user that might include information service provider being used by the registered users and device-related information or locality and areas from where the platform is being accessed. Access of such data is assured to make users enjoy the services that we offer to their fullest. Our privacy policy is directed to provide you with a secure platform to enjoy and use our service. At this platform, you will be able to disable some features or targeted services such as advertising. If you want to make such changes you will have to go to the setting part and select our targeted tracking features. You can add the features of your choice by checking them.

You may use our platform to sell and advertise the product of other companies. When you are advertising a third-party product it is your responsibility to check the reliability and credibility of the product before launching its advertisement, we have the right to remove the advertising material whenever we find it is not meeting the guidelines provided by FirTok.



Restrictions for license include the terms that do not allow any user to copy or share FairTok platforms design or user interface. It is deemed as the intellectual property of the platform. Except it is incidental cases or for purposes that are needed for operational security or backup purposes. Users are not allowed to lease, rent, vary, adapt, and modify the information at the platform. At the same time, the platform’s property cannot be merged, loaded, or sublicensed. The program is also not allowed to be incorporated with any rooting software. It can also not be combined with any other program for use.

The system of Firtok is not allowed to be reengineered or reversed in any form if such attempt is reported the new have a right to look into it and take actions against such an activity

The program of the platform can be used or shared in the following cases: 

Information is used for gaining inter-operability of another platform with the FairTok platform program and software

The information is not disclosed to any other party without taking permission of the admin

The information is not provided to any person in part or whole without any notice of consent from the FairTok.

The information is being used for technology control and is complying with the export rules and regulations.

The technologies are being used to support the FaitTok platform

  • The information should not be used in any unlawful manner or for any purpose that does not comply with the already set standards. If any such act that happens that is inconsonant with the laws, it will be perceived as misconduct and will be dealt as a fraudulent activity at our part so all the information or systems that are being used at the platform must remain compliable with the existing rules and regulations.
  • The technology or system does not interfere with the property rights of any third party or the terms and conditions that are set out about the use of that system.
  • The FairTok system should not be used in a manner that can overburden it, any such attempt that can disable or damage the system will be considered as at interference at the part of the user.
  • Users are not allowed to use any kind of information that is available at the platform that can be used to disrupt or damage our services or can affect our transmission from the internet service providers. Any attempt to resale broke and re-broke the system that can derivate the network involving reengineering will be considered an offense.


Restriction for the use of content:

The FairTok is a platform that is designed to make information available for your personal use. The intention is to improve functionality and usage of the services as per the provided terms of usage. In this context, you are not allowed to:

  • Use this content or information for the defamatory purpose.
  • Modifying and unlawful use of this content such as in pornography
  • Causing any other violation of the law.
  • Use the content that violates the privacy and safety laws/rights
  • Use the content available at the platform for advertising and commercial use any kind of endorsement, advertorial, and promotional usage is not allowed.
  • Use the content to distribute, share, license, sub-license, reengineer, create, copy, derivate work, and sell content. (Except in case when you are permitted to perform such copy and paste tasks).
  • Modify, edit, reorder the content available here or truncate ad-content at the FairTok platform.

While using our platform you will be exposed to a variety of content that can be promotional, advertising, and of any other use. The administration is not liable for the usefulness, accuracy, and safety of the content. We are also not liable for the intellectual and property rights of the person whose information is being shared. We believe that sharing of indecent and violent content should not be done in any form and hence we agree to waive any kind of legal right that you might have or can use against concerning the content

User reasonability for material and conduct:

The material or content that you share at FairTok platform is solely at your responsibility. You have to check the material for its copyright and affirm that the content is published after gaining permission from the entity that owns the material originally. You have to check the trademark, trade secrets, and any other copyright issues while you are publishing the material on our platform. At the same time, you can also remove the material you have shared with the platform anytime. You also have to remove the material form the platform if you no longer keep the copyright of the content. You can publish the material that you own or you have rights or permission to share that material.

The information that you post at the platform via the board, chats, news groups, and software library or at any other place in the platform should be your property or you must have the right to publish this information to avoid any kind of legal claim.

The content and information that you access at this platform either in chats, boards, messages libraries, newsgroups, or at any other place are not to be shared at any platform. You do not have to facilitate the distribution of these services and facilitate distribution or support the distribution of material.

You are also not allowed to support the distribution of content or material that is threatening, involve pornography, threatening, obscene, abusing, deceptive in nature, or fraudulent. Interactive messages, chats, or any other service of the platform should not be used to threaten any other individual, people, or group or otherwise, you will violate the law and content guidelines of the company.

You also violate the laws if you:

  • Harm any minor or group in any manner with racially hateful comments or objectionable talks
  • Encourage money laundering or involving in such act
  • Facilitating gambling at the platform
  • Degrade people or group based on sexual orientation, race, location, age, ethnicity, origin or any legally protected affair
  • Create junk or unsolicited material for advertising or preparing or using bulk emails, spamming or chain letters, or anything involved gambling and lottery.
  • Use material that has any kind of software virus or any other program that can disrupt the system software and hardware or interfere with the privacy by stealing data and information from the third party. Any such attempt will be considered as interrupting and damaging


Partner companies and platforms:

You have the right to share and distribute your information when you use FiarTok platform for this purpose, you also grant the same rights to the company. This information can be used with the partner company platform as well.  This platform can be used to access, share, adapt, publish, and transmit information or content that you share here. You, therefore, grant the license of the content to the company or display, redistribute and publish the information. Here the company has the right to redistribute and publish or use the material or content with the affiliate party platform and other such platforms.


CHAT content:

 The company will retain chat the messages you send in chats, discussion boards, and these include photos, files, and videos that you use. If such information is used by other users from the same platform the company will not be responsible. FairTok platform bears no liability for such sharing. The user is directly responsible to share any kind of information in the chat window.

FiarTok also prohibits you to display, transmit, and updates or shares obscene information, involves pornography, causes bullying to certain groups of people under the Indian) Information Technology Act, 2000.

FairTok my make chat service, email, messages, and other display services independently or in collaboration with a third party. We do not disclose private information of the sender and receiver except with their consent. Privacy laws are followed as per the requirement of government rules and orders. Our privacy policy contains further information about this communication. It is our sole right to apply monitoring devices that can help protect users and avoid spams. It is to be noted that such techniques or devices are not perfect and may directly or indirectly affect the transmission. We take action against unsolicited activities and make sure that only legitimate communication is done here.

REWARD and payments:

We use a digital payment system to reward the user by collaborating with our reward partners. We have the right to change or reward patterns keeping in view the need for our services. Currently, the platform can reward the user or getting more reviews, creating content, long term use of the platform, and inviting others or introducing new members. The criteria of rewards can be changed and it’s the sole discretion of the company.

The rewards can be in the form of currency and digital payments. The rewards are strictly governed by our terms of the agreement. We urge you to refer to the privacy policy. You can email us to solve any quarries related to the reward pattern. We assign a token to facilitate the reward pattern and respective activities. The value for each of these activities is notified in the app.


COPYRIGHTS and trademarks:

FairTok has the company logo, trademark, graphics, and service marks that it uses at its platform. The company does not allow the reuse of these trademarks in any jurisdiction. FaitTok holds the copyright for the material that is provided to it by the content providers and licensors. This material is not allowed to be relicensed or shared at any other platform. The marks are protected under applicable copyright and international proprietary rights laws. If any violation of these terms and laws occurs it may result in a criminal penalty that also includes monetary damage.



The FairTok platform is provided to you and is permitted to be used as per the law and does not guarantee any kind of Performance Assurance, warranty, quality assurance, and performance. Here e disclaim all the warranties, licenses, and statuary conditions that are associated with fitness, statuary quality. We also disclaim quality and performance for our licensor, third party affiliates. We are not responsible for any kind of issue arising from third party rights and warranties that may arise from any kind of dealing and interference of enjoyment at the platform. FairTok does not take the responsibility of making the service error-free and uninterrupted. 

FairTok works as an intermediary platform that operates according to the laws governing infotech. The users are allowed to share and use content that is available at the platform by showing due diligence. Here we do not guarantee any actions that are being taken by the user at the platform in connection to the shared material or information. We also do not warrant the accuracy, validity, and reliability of the information that is being displayed at the platform because the activities are completely for entertainment purposes. The user at the platform is responsible to take any kind of decision while he is providing the material.

Liability and limitations:

FiarTok is not responsible for any kind of loss of profits that may happen incidentally or deliberately or may result in infringing the property or goodwill. We also do not hold any responsibility for device damage, punitive damage occurring from any action including negligence. The affiliates companies and licensors are informed about such possibility of damages and they do not apply to the extent except in cases where specific jurisdiction allows other rights.

  • Our liability is not excluded or limited for:
  • Personal injury or death because of negligence
  • Fraudulent misinterpretation of events
  • Any other labiality that is limited by applicable law

Termination of the terms:

The terms will completely fail if the FiarTok comes to know that you do not adhere to the terms and conditions of the company. You r account will be disabled and access will be ceased at the platform in such cases. The company has the right without any ability to suspend, change, and remove the access to the platform this content or any other material. This may happen if we find any kind of violation of the terms of services. The platform also has the right to create, access, limit, or impose the material that is being shared here without the notice. FiarTok will, however, comply with all the laws and rules that are implemented internationally on such changes.


Here you agree to defend and stay harmless to the company, its third party, licensors, warrants and affiliates for any kind of damages and claims or loss that may arise from the use of the content at this platform and material shared here, your violation of terms and conditions and violation of any the third party rights.

Events that are not on our control:

We are not responsible or liable for any event that is not on our control. This might include stories wars, pandemics, lockdowns, accidents, telecommunication failure, natural disasters, terrorism, threat, and industrial actions or accidents. If any such event that is outside our reasonable control and that affects our services we have the right to suspend our obligations under the terms and conditions. Reasonable efforts will be done to get the solutions and get back on the track to follow the terms even if the events are out of our control.





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