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Privacy Policy

FairTok digital experience assures your privacy and confidentiality and take all the initiatives to keep you safe. Before subscribing, installing, or using any of the service at FairTok platform please go through the privacy policy.

The current policy writes up related to the information that you may install, collect, or access via this platform. This information may include any kind of advertisement, survey chat-talks, and interactive discussions. As a part of the interaction with the company, you have to make sure you read terms as to how you need to use information.

FairToK platform is a proprietary social entertainment platform for the company (the app or site may be available in any other format as well) with the name of FairTok with which the user becomes able to share videos and other content. The user can upload and share the content and use the platform to discover and explore it as well. This content also involves news, homemade videos, events, and stories, display information, distribution offer from content creators.

FairTok is a platform for social entertainment where material and information presented at the platform is made available for public usage. It is therefore considered to be non-confidential. Here you should stay careful for not sharing information, material, or content that is confidential or should not be made public. The FairTok might be loaded on your device that can be any wearable device, tablet, or mobile. It can also be integrated with an app on your device and can be installed by another party as well or can be seen on a website.

Our policy applies to the information that the user gets from the platform and not to the content or information that is being gained from any other platform or source. The other sources you use should be checked for their privacy policy regarding their offerings and interactions. If any information from either platform is shared at the FairTok platform we will treat this information according to the privacy policy ad guidelines of that particular party. Therefore, we encourage you to have a detailed overview of the privacy policy and information of the third party before using it.

We do not acknowledge the liability of the material that is being uploaded at the platform by the third party. The contents might be used in chatrooms, interactive services, and communication networks by the user and we have the right to preselect this content. The content must comply with the guidelines and policies provided by the platform. We can also remove the material that does not comply with our policies. We agree to counter the content or material that is harmful or goes against the moral and legal rights of people in a specific jurisdiction. If any third party claims that the material is theirs or has their trademark, copyright, or any other proprietary right the FairTok maintains the sole discretion to remove this material.

This platform is made available to you after registration that is performed online that will ask you for some data. This data will include your age, phone number location, gender, and some other information. You have to keep us updated about the changed information or data. When you register at our platform it means you are agreeing that you are providing information with full accuracy. Being a responsible person it is your duty to provide correct information to us while undergoing the registration. You have to keep your information current and change it if any alteration is done. The FairTok platform has all the rights to undertake the analysis of your provided information. Your registration information will be checked by us and we have the right to delete your account in case if the information is found to be false or incorrect. The account should maintain complete and current information for using the platform or otherwise, we can block or delete your account anytime.

You might be engaged in certain kinds of gaming activities you can participate through Fairtok platform but you have to learn our terms and conditions to know the reward pattern.

Fairtok is a platform that is for people above 13 years of age. We use our platform for a general audience and allow them to access content by sharing their personal information. We collect information with or without prompts. The details of users are checked such as data, resources that are used to access, videos stories, and content that you share or read. In addition to this, we also collect location and device information form the system. This information may include your IP address, location, service provider, image, advertisement sources such as those used in entrainment and games, and other information that concerns to post-click activity like nonpersonal data. Location information about the device is also collected. But in some cases when the user turns off their device location some of the services of our platform might be missed. Location of the city, cellular network, and all other data is gained to enhance your experience of the services that you are using at our platform.

Our affiliates refer to those entities that are directly or indirectly under the control of the company. Here, the control means, owning 50% or more voting interest of the entity under consideration. The advertising material that is being displayed on the platform is being checked for the capacity and intent of the advertising party so we can fairly and effectively provide services to you. There might be certain services that are applicable to other jurisdictions. We also look into their policies to make sure everything works in a fair manner.

Tracking Technologies we use include the following:

Beacons: The FairTok Platform has some small files known as beacons that are gifs, tags and pixels these are used to verify system integrity and improve services

Cookies: Small files placed in the smart device that you use. You may refuse or accept cookies. If you refuse you might not avail all the features of the platform

Information provided via an advertisement or displayed at the platform:

Information provided via advertisement surveys and marketing via FairTok is subjected to the privacy law of FairTok. These privacy laws are also applicable to the users and we also assure the security of the data for our users. This includes sexual, biometric, bank-related, or any other kind of sensitive information.

Your information usage:

We and the third party use the information you provide here for ‘Permitted Purposes’ that include: • Give a chance to a third party for advertisements, promotions and provide you with offerings

• Notify you with the subscriptions, upgrades, and updates

• Estimate the size and location of our audience

• To make you able to have access to the FairTok Platform features and its contents

• Improve customer service by speeding up your searches

• Protect system privacy and security and improve user experience by finding any malicious effort that can cause fraud and security problems to the system

• Provide the ad partners with the response data and make disclosures in event of asset merger, sale and relevant corporate transactions with the third party

If as a user you decide to subscribe to our mailing list you will get emails regarding the news, products, upgrades, and information about the FirTok platform. You can also follow unsubscribe action if you do not want to see such emails or chain letters. We may also disclose your information to our key stakeholders and third party members such as vendors, data partners, and service providers.

Legal disclosure: At FiarTok we may preserve, access, or share your data with the law enforcement agencies in their national security requests in good faith for any kind of legal process. This will be done to protect you and other’s rights for the property. The data can be used for investigation and prosecution by the legal authorities. The data will be shared according to the agreeable data protection procedures that are permissible under a jurisdiction.

User choices about information collection: You have the right to choose the data collection as per your choice. You can disable and uninstall or unsubscribe to the platform anytime.

Location data: You may not agree to location data collection and disable the location-based feature in your device

Interest-based ads:You can opt-out to interest-based ads if you do not want to see such ads.

Google Adsense: Some google ads use DART cookies to show ads. You can opt-out the DART cookies. Visit the google site http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html

Technology for tracking: You can opt-out the certain browser cookies when you get alert when the cookies are being sent to you, by doing so you might not be able to access all features of the platform

Data Security and privacy:We take appropriate legal measures to be compliant with the contractual obligations about use and collection of information but unfortunately it is not possible to assure 100 percent security of information being shared via mobile platforms

Retention period of the data: We retain data for 2-3 years but this information can be retained for a longer time as per the requirements of our platform and stakeholders

Privacy policy change: We may keep updating our Privacy Policy and notify you with the notice on the site before making them operational. So please keep checking the latest version of the privacy policy

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